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This crewneck is in collaboration with the BE Impactful organization.


We all know how important it is to be mindful in how we live out our lives. That's why at BE Impactful, we've launched #BEaffirmed – a daily reminder to BE present, original, confident, great, fearless and purposeful in everything you do! It's time to let your spirit soar and start achieving the goals that mean most to you! Join us in making sure every day is the BEst version of ourselves

This crewneck features "BE" + a list of affirmations chosen by the BE Impactful organization. The material used has a raised look and and suede-like feel. Each affirmation comes with a corresponding quote on the back (see the chart for matching quotes).

Actual colors may vary slightly.


$12 from your purchase will be donated to the BE Impactful Foundation (a 501c3 nonprofit).

BE Impactful Affirmation Crewneck

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