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This tee is in collaboration with the BE Impactful organization.


When you think of the intentions of the BE Impactful organization, the intentions are PURE. Orginally, it was a group of friends who came together to try and make our communities better, with no hidden agendas in play.


Let's start with the back of the tee: Both diamonds and water represent purity, hence the combined diamond/water logo, donning the word Pure across the design. Below the logo is the definition of Pure. Moving to the front of the shirt, the word Pure is featured on the left corner, alongisde the BE Impactful logo on the right sleeve.


Actual colors may vary slightly. There are 2 different fits for the shirt: Heavyweight, which is more of a boxy fit and lightweight, which is a more fitted shirt. See sizing chart for details.


$10 from your purchase will be donated to the BE Impactful Foundation (a 501c3 nonprofit).


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